Elegant Swiss Craftmanship (Production Process)

Sea and Silver combined two imaginative cultures to create a bespoke watch, made from genuine riyal coins. It is a blend of the greatest quality watchmaking, created through Swiss craftsmanship, and the elegance and history of Saudi Arabia. 

Swiss Made

Swiss-made watches are renowned as the best in the world due to the class of materials, mechanisms and metals used to build each piece. Sea and Silver worked with Habillage du Temps, a watch and clock manufacturer based in Switzerland, whose creativity and input begins with the design process and leads to a finished product.

Each watch is handmade and crafted through a combination of experienced, human ingenuity and the latest technological manufacturing machines.

  1. Design

Habillage du Temps begin with the design process. 3D plans are created to bespoke criteria based on client requests. All individual components are presented visually, including cases, bezels, backs and dials while the most precise details are measured and thought out to exact specifications.

  1. Thinning

In the case of Sea and Silver, every mechanism included must go through the process of thinning. Every mechanical watch requires components that are small enough to wind and turn the hands. For Sea and Silver, this involved making parts to fit around the riyal coins. With each coin slightly imperfect, this is where the expert Swiss craftsmanship shows its quality. Designing each mechanism to suit every coin makes the Sea and Silver watch so unique and so expertly crafted.

  1. Cut to Dimension

Once the thinning is complete, a delicate, precise craft ensures everything has its place inside a Sea and Silver watch.  All components are cut to an exact dimension. They slot together perfectly inside like a tiny jigsaw. With many light elements and a prestigious coin like the riyal involved, this requires intricacy and definition to the highest calibre. The result is the Swiss-made mechanisms and the well-defined features of the Sea and Silver watch.

  1. Drilling Centre Hold

When everything is in place, a drill is used to form the centre hold of the watch. This a central part of watchmaking and it helps to hold everything in place and requires tiny drill a hole to exact specifications that will keep all elements of the Sea and Silver securely fit.

  1. Slight Press

A slight press then applies just the right amount of pressure to fit the case of the watch and its components firmly in place. With such delicate and authentic materials involved, this process involves expert skill and steady hands to ensure nothing looks out of place.

  1. Ultrasonic Wash

To give Sea and Silver watches the best, sleek shine possible, the watchmaking process concludes with an ultrasonic wash. With so many minuscule components, cleaning and sparkling each of these individually would be near impossible for the human hand. Therefore, great care is provided to run each Sea and Silver watch through an ultrasonic wash, where soundwaves are created through the water to make tiny implosions over each small surface inside the watch. Each implosion acts like a tiny brush running up the surface and results in a deep clean, leaving shines on every surface.

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