Every Sea and Silver watch is crafted to perfection with a flawless design. Each feature has is carefully considered and placed expertly to provide high-quality aesthetics. Colours and materials combine to flow seamlessly, providing beauty and uniqueness through:

  • Exceptional markings
  • Bespoke riyal coins
  • Stainless steel cases
  • Intricate diamonds
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Subtle green colours

Central Designs

Authentic markings are etched precisely on to each watch with the utmost care. Inside the central ring of the watch face, there is a display of delicate symbols. The boldness of the design then extends to the outer regions of the watch face. Eye-catching palm tree symbols express from the bottom of the watch to provide a homage to the Sea and Silver brand.

Riyal Coins

The greatest appeal of each watch comes from slight imperfections on the riyal coins used to make Sea and Silver watches. It is such detail that makes every single timepiece a part of Saudi Arabian and World War II history.

Symbolic to the origins of Sea and Silver is the slight defect each coin has. As a result of their damage during the sinking of the SS John Barry in 1944 no riyal is in a perfect state. But these imperfections make every single watch different, unique and beautiful. No two coins the same; they are all individualised and this is a reminder of Sea and Silver’s origins. The thickness of every riyal not the same on every coin while the original, circular design of the coins has been ever so slightly misshapen.

Stainless Steel

The best standards of Swiss-made manufacturing ensure Sea and Silver watches are robust enough to protect the rare materials from each riyal coin at the centre of the timepiece. Each watch is made with strong stainless-steel cases, handcrafted to an uncompromisable quality. Such protection ensures each timeless riyal coin is given the respect and care it deserves.

Diamond Beauty

Although steeped in Saudi Arabian history, the riyal coins have been crafted to include several modern elements to combine the 20th and 21st century. Round Bushing Ø 1.5 mm (Ø 1.1 mm Diamond) have been placed with precision at every quarter on the watch. The diamonds are subtle and sleek, which provide a sparkling glow of elegance. The diamonds contrast perfectly with the boldface on the timepiece, making Sea and Silver the perfect blend of practical and stylish, modern and historic.

Subtle Green

A supreme detail that completes the aesthetic of the watch is the dark green hands. At a glance, the hour, second and minute hands look like a dark black or grey. However, on closer inspection, they are an unimposing green colour – reminiscent of the Saudi Arabian flag to match the minute and hour markings around the outer ring of the watch face. It is the small touches that make a difference and a reminder of where each watch derives.

Choice of Strap

Comfort is never compromised with Sea and Silver watches and interchangeable straps ensure both a pleasant wearing experience without any lowering in quality of the watch. Metal and leather straps can be easily removed and replaced in seconds, making Sea and Silver watch suitable for any occasion.

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