Sea and Silver is a brand that defines Saudi Arabian prestige. The limited-edition Sea and Silver watches are a piece of Saudi Arabian history and crafted from the prestigious riyal coin with a world and regional history.

A Timeless, Historic Brand

Distinctiveness and authenticity are at the heart of Sea and Silver watches. Riyal coins recovered from the Arabian sea over 40 years ago offer a piece of Saudi Arabia’s esteemed past and respect the actions of the people and nations who were central in recovering the timeless coins from the floor of the Arabia sea.

With only 8,000-riyal coins in existence, and complete with a genuine certificate of authenticity, the Sea and Silver watch is set apart from any other brand for its unique nature. Esteemed owners including, HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Bill Gates, His Majesty the King of Sweden and His excellency, the prime minister of Japan sets Sea and Silver in prestigious company with a unique story.

International Collaboration

The riyals have been crafted into an elegant timepiece using the best of traditional Swiss-made materials, methods and components to ensure the brand is truly one of a kind, bespoke and exceptional. No other watch has elements of Swiss manufacturing and Saudi elegance combined into a timepiece.

The story behind the Sea and Silver watch is one of a kind. Citizens and brave individuals and groups from the world are involved in Sea and Silver’s unique timeline from World War II.

  • The U.S navy crew, who were part of the SS Joh Barry that transported the valuable coins from America to Suadi Arabia in 1944,
  • The British Blue Water Recoveries team, who retrieved the coins from the depths of the Arabian sea
  • Swiss watchmakers at Habillage du Temps
  • A Saudi Arabian collector, who kept the coins in circulation, all played their part.

Sea and Silver watches are a Saudi Arabian creation, but also a part of international efforts to recover and protect a historic, prestigious relic – the riyal coins.

The limited-edition Sea and Silver watch truly reflect the rare nature and beauty of the riyal coin. It is a brand that respects the history of the coin, its rarity, its unique journey from the brink back to existence and its aesthetic beauty.

The watch is also symbolic of the times where it derives from and reflects the history of Suadi Arabia. Homage is paid to the actions of Sultan of Najd Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud, who unified the Arabian states almost a century ago and who brought an era of prosperity and wealth in the modern age to the region. The Sea and Silver watch provides a part of this history.

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